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Maven Transport // all our trailers are Air Ride

Flat Deck/Flatbed Trailers

Flat decks, also called flatbeds, have continuous deck space from the front to rear. They can be loaded and unloaded in any way you can think of. To protect from the rain our drivers carry a full set of tarps.

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Roll Tite/Conestoga Trailers

For the flexibility of a flat deck and protection of a dry van use a Roll Tite/Conestoga. It is a flat deck trailer equipped with an accordion style rolling tarp system that allows for better protection of a load. The system has a tarp stretched over a rolling frame that can be pushed to the front, middle or back of the trailer allowing for side, top or back loading.

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Step Deck Trailers

Also referred to as ‘drop decks’ or ‘single drops’ these trailers can handle loads that are higher than flat decks. These trailers are the most flexible trailers that allow for equipment to be loaded and unloaded in multiple ways.

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